Withdraw token

Basic Regulations

Decentralization and security
We are committed to an open and secure blockchain. That is why we have developed a stake platform so that you have full control and access to your tokens. You can export the private key to your address in the settings and safely display tokens at any time. It doesn’t matter if you received the tokens for free, or transferred them yourself - you can always withdraw them at any time. How to withdraw tokens? We will talk about this below.
Follow the link and add the metamask extension to your browser. Click "Add extension" Click "Get started" If you have already used metamask, you know what to do. If you haven’t used metamask, click "Create a wallet" Follow the instructions in the screenshots. Go to settings and copy the private key. Do not show your private key to anyone! Click import Insert private key Now you need to add the 808TA token to your account Address 808TA 0x5b535edfa75d7cb706044da0171204e1c48d00e8 You can see your balance of 808TA tokens If necessary, you can create a new account and transfer tokens to it. Come up with any name for your account. Go to the imported account and click send Paste the address of the newly created account Choose the size of the commission. You should have on the balance of ethereum in the amount of 0.02-0.05 cents Click confirm Sending Tokens Tokens sent Tokens are displayed on the new account. You can also send tokens to any address on the Ethereum network.
Open myetherwallet.com website and click as shown in the screenshot. You must insert your private key. It is in the settings. It is necessary to add the 808TA token. 0x5b535edfa75d7cb706044da0171204e1c48d00e8 If you need to send tokens to another address, this can be done like this